first posts suck

they suck because you’re trying to tell others when your blog is going to be about. or rather, that’s what i always do. i’m trying to figure out how to make this one different from my other blogs’ first posts, but i’m not quite sure how.

maybe what i just do is add posts and let the blog speak for itself.

today, i’m doing a reiki trade. okay, it’s not true reiki in the true sense. my teacher actually calls it light running. but that confuses people. and it’s longer to type. so i’ll just call it reiki. i find this energy work fascinating – especially since i didn’t believe in any of it for real 2 years ago.

i’m also obsessing about a new photography project. but that’s about as far as it’s going. obsessing. do it on the iphone? actually start another project? but will it ever rival my first one? i’ve been here before several times so i’m just not sure.

i keep mulling over new crochet projects in my head, too. and doll clothes to make my girls’ dolls. not because i actually like dolls, more because i like the challenge of making clothes that small. and because those kinds of projects are faster.

which brings me to a key point about myself. i like things to be quick. i need to finish a project in a short amount of time. crochet has, so far, been the only thing that has gone against that truism. i once took 6 months to finish a project. another time, it took me 3. that’s looooong in andi-world. and i loved it.

sure, my first major photography project took a year to complete, but i didn’t see that as a year long project. i saw that as a photo a day. and each photo was fast to edit and upload. that was mostly easy. only i can’t seem to do it again. weird. maybe i was just in the right space for it!

so what’s going to go in this blog? i don’t know. i’m not sure i should define it – i think i’ll just let it define itself. i’ll post projects and thoughts and ideas. and maybe a few shots of my family. and we’ll see where it goes from there. with my other blogs, i don’t want to post them onto FB because they have personal stuff or they’re hidden. and personal stuff on a professional blog doesn’t make sense to me. silly.

so here it is. another blog. because you can never have too many, right?


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