Frogging and swatching

For those of you not in the know, frogging a crochet project means pulling it apart and redoing it. Something I don’t mind doing, oddly enough. But swatching, that’s a different story. I don’t enjoy it. But I’m starting to realize that if I don’t swatch, I won’t get what I want. So I’m forcing myself to do it….

My mother in law, Judy, asked me what I wanted to have for Christmas. So I told her yarn with a project so I can make something for her! And she did it! (Along with a wonderful second gift… Too much!) She said she wanted a scarf made… So I researched, found some links for her to peruse and had her select a few that she liked. I chose one and started going to town.

Only I didn’t really love it. It actually looks better here than in real life. It just didn’t show off the beautiful subtlety of the yarn’s colors.

Old scarf

You can see here that this is a cute pattern, but you lose the gentle colors and it ends up looking more striped. So I frogged it.

scarf swatches

AS you can see, you get a much better view of the colors in these swatches. I fell in love with the top one doing it, but I agree with Judy - the bottom one works beautifully with this yarn!

I can see from these photos that I need to start blocking my stuff before taking photos. Neither of them really show off the patterns as well as I’d like. Yay! Another project!


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