It’s all my mom’s fault

You know, when in doubt, blame your mom, right? I have about 1000 different projects going at the same time, and every time I start one, I think about the next cool one! And then I realize I don’t like the first one so I pull it apart – it’s just not good enough, you know? And unless I’m following a pattern – who needs those? right? – my project comes out different than expected or envisioned. Not bad, just different….

So what am I talking about? Here are just some of the crochet projects going on.


flower hat
This was going to be a big slouchy hat I made with 3 yarns together. Instead it turned into a hat that’s too small that’s a completely different style. Who to gift it to? That’s the question now.
cute bag
I love this bag and I LOVE the pattern on it! But I bought this sock yarn and was never in love with it. So I spent MONTHS making the bag, but still don’t love the colors. The bag – I LOVE it. It’s such a great pattern from Crochet so Fine. Maybe I’ll get a shot of the whole bag next time….
smattering of projects
Here are just a few of the projects I’m working on. The squares are maybe going to turn into a blanket in a few years. You’ll see some knitting in there – I’m only about 2″ from being done and haven’t finished. The red is a shawl that’s insanely complicated. I might pull it out and redo it with different yarn. It’s gorgeous, though! The green was going to be a hat. It’s been frogged (pulled apart) and remade into 2 other things since I took this photo!
purple hat
This is a hat I was making from a doily pattern. Stay tuned. It’s gone and something else has replaced it.

So it may be all my mom’s fault, but can you tell I LOVE projects? I love playing and finishing and trying new, different things. It’s challenging to my brain and to my design side, too.

Thank you, mom, for inspiring me all the time! I love you, too.


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