Doily hat

I read a book by Doris Chan, Crochet Lace Innovations, and I was quite inspired. The patterns she had were delicate and beautiful. But unfortunately, the library won’t let me keep the book forever. Bummer!

So I chose to try my hand at lace a different way. With all the doilies I have running around (my great aunts made them and my mom gave them to me), I thought it might be fun to re-engineer one into a hat. It’s got a ways to go – I’m a little less than half way – but I’m LOVING how it’s going! I started it with some gorgeous purple yarn, but the hook and the yarn just weren’t right for it. Yup, you guessed it. Frogged. Then i remembered the sock I’d started and how I loved the yarn, but it was too hard to use for a sock. (It stranded too easily leaving my hook between stitches.)

So I grabbed that yarn, a larger hook and voila! I’m LOVING the drape of it!!

purple hat

This is the purple yarn from New Mexico. But it's just not right for this project. I still think it'll be a hat, but not sure what kind. Or maybe something larger - I have 3 balls of it!

yummy yarn

This yarn is so soft and beautiful! I just wish I'd saved the brand! Doh...

doily hat

You can't see the gorgeous drape of this and how well this yarn works compared to the other so I guess you'll just have to trust me!!


All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D MkII and a 50mm or 100mm lens



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