Metaphors for life


Mount Crested Butte

When I cross country ski, I often solve the problems of the work, find peace in my surroundings and see metaphors for life in just about every step and slide. The amount of peace I feel after most ski trips is unbelievable. Almost cathartic.

Some of the metaphors I saw today:

Just like life, sometimes the path is obscured when skiing. And you just have to trust that when you climb this big hill and round that corner and trudge through the deep snow, you’ll find that the path is there. Maybe the direction isn’t what you were expecting or maybe it was closer or further that you thought. But you trusted that it was ahead and sure enough, when you finally got there, it was waiting all along.

ski tracks

Following some skate ski tracks, which look very different from the parallel tracks I make in my classic skis.

Sometimes your path follows another. Your tracks may be different. Your paths may even diverge and merge again. You have things you can learn from their path – deep patches to avoid, different curves to take – but your path is ultimately yours alone.

windblown path

Enjoying the windblown path

When I ski, I will often look for the two long ruts created by the snow cat just so I can slide my skis in them, close my eyes and just trust that I’ll get where I need to. But there is also a simple beauty in skiing along a windblown path knowing that you’re the only on there, savoring every moment of aloneness.

I think the meditation class I took from the lovely Sarah this morning has changed my perspective on the day. I would love to do that more often!


All photos taken on my iPhone 4 with Camera+, hands down my favorite iPhone camera app.


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