Non-plastic straws

One thing I keep thinking about is cutting down on plastic. While I’m certainly not anal about it – yet – I’m thinking about it a LOT. I’ve started buying a little more bulk, opting for glass when I can and a few other things to help out. But I haven’t gone as far as Beth at My Plastic-free Life. (She inspires me! I have too much on my plate to go plastic free right now, but I have definitely changed my thoughts because of her.)

So right now I’m considering straws – among other things. We have a ton of straws right now and rewash them until they’re yucky. But I still worry about the toxins my girls are getting. To toss because of toxins or reuse to avoid waste? That’s my question now….

I’m considering 2 alternatives – glass and stainless. And I’m not sure which to get. Stainless doesn’t break – HUGE bonus. But the glass are SUPER cute and have a lifetime warranty. And they’re cute. Did I say that? Yup. Super cute! And you can get them with little dots that keep them from rolling off the table and counter – and they’re cute.

For now, though, I’ll stick with our plastic straws and keep using them. And when I have some extra money, I’ll splurge. I’m considering just going for the glass ones and crossing my fingers. But with a 5 and a 7 year old, they seem more iffy.

GlassDharma – sip the world. it’s worth it.

Stainless steel straws

Does anyone have any thoughts? Suggestions? Have you tried these? With kids?!?


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