Setting the tone

I have several other blogs going on right now. Of course, there’s my photography blog. A blog about trying to find a cure for my daughter’s eczema  as well as other health issues we suffer from – mainly minor. A personal blog. And a private blog. Whew. Enough for you?

But what I wanted was a place I could post whatever whenever. People could find it or not. I could share anything I felt compelled to at the moment and I didn’t have to worry about people finding personal stuff or being overwhelmed by the minutia nor have potential clients get scared away by my ramblings. So this blog has come about.

And it’s incredibly freeing! I have already been considering about 10 different posts. I write them all the time in my head. And even more ideas are coming to mind even as I post now! Things that I might have posted on my personal blog, but wouldn’t have felt comfortable sharing with the world. Now I can share to my hearts content – or not!

It is almost reminiscent of my self portrait a day project. Without the constraints. I can post when I want – as often or not as I’d like. I have no deadlines. And no real rules. Literally none. While that project was incredible for me at the time, I have tried to recreate it several other times with varying degrees of success. But never as long or as consistently as the first time.

So, as I keep being reminded lately, if things aren’t working the way I’m doing them, I need to change what I’m doing. Give the first try a good go, but find a new way if it’s not working out. And maybe by giving fewer restrictions it’ll have a life of its own that will slowly morph into exactly what I need.

So far I’m having a great time thinking, planning and doing this blog!

no outlet

Finding a new outlet


Photo taken with my Canon EOS 5D with a 24-70mm f2.8 L lens.


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