I can’t decide if this scarf is awesome or needs to be ripped apart

I’ve been working on my MIL’s* scarf and I LOVE the scallop pattern I found in Basic Crochet Stitches by Interweave. (*love* this book – it’s easy to read and very easy to follow with gorgeous stitch patterns.)

What I’m not sure about is the second color in the scarf and how it looks with how I’ve done it. You can see the shell pattern has grays and browns in varying shades with long color changes. But I switched to a different yarn and while I LOVE the colors (it has more reds in it), I’m wondering if I should just stick with one yarn and not switch to the second color. I’m going to check with her and see what her thoughts are.

MIL's scarf

What are your thoughts? Can you see the change in the yarn from the shell pattern to the main scarf? Do you like/love/hate it?

I do love the main scarf pattern, too. It’s super simple, but it looks really different. It’s an extended single crochet with a chain between. That’s it. But the look is so different and the fabric is far more drapey than it would normally be with a simple single crochet.

shell detail

Isn't this a gorgeous stitch pattern? I love how easy it is, but it looks so elegant!


While this isn't the softest yarn ever, it's just gorgeous to work with and I'm loving the colors and the way it changes!

What are your thoughts? Tear out the top and do the whole things in the original yarn or keep on going?

I should mention that I should have enough left to make a hat and will incorporate both stitches in the hat to have a matching set!


*MIL = Mother-in-law


All images taken with my Canon 5D Mark II and a 50mm lens


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4 responses to “I can’t decide if this scarf is awesome or needs to be ripped apart

  1. Can't Stop Crocheting

    I’d say awesome! The color differences add interest. Keep going.

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