The most adorable Valentines cards ever!

Okay, I may be *slightly* biased by the models, but still…. I thought this was a GREAT idea! Thanks, Karen (aka Chookooloonks). She has a link to the original project there. Oh, and it’s worth poking around on her site – very inspiring!

My girls had planned on making their own cards by themselves. But after 3 hours, only 4 of the 32 cards had been finished. Whoops! Having just run across this the day before, I thought it was time to spring into action. I took a few photos, did a little photoshop, sliced the cards below and above the hand and voila! A place to slide the lollipop! I did leave space for each girl to write the name of the child above their name, too…

valentines card

I thought these were adorable!

Here are a few additional tips – you can learn from my mistakes!

  • Make sure that when you go to get them printed, you bring the CD with the photos on it with you!
  • Also, make sure that the photo printer is still OPEN!
  • If you forget, just print them at home like I had to.
  • When you take the photo, make sure their hand is way in front of their face to blur the face – focus on the hand.
  • Make sure the hand isn’t too close to the side, I ripped one of Ellie’s putting in the lollipop. Only one got ruined, thank goodness!
  • Make sure the hand is to the side a little bit. Ellie’s is too close to the middle and the lollipop cover had to be folded
  • If you are doing it in Photoshop, make sure the hand is on the left and the words are on the right – Sammie’s lollipop covered up the kids names. Whoops!
  • If you aren’t doing it in photoshop, just print up a bunch of 4×6 pictures with the photo on it. Then take some construction paper and cut it to 5×7 or something close. Then have your kiddo decorate it! Just as adorable, I swear! (Takes longer, though.)
  • I think these would be great as party thank you cards! (Something I’m always remiss on. Bad, bad Andi.) Simple and fun!

I’m anxious to hear how they were received! What are your thoughts?



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4 responses to “The most adorable Valentines cards ever!

  1. These are super cute! I wonder if you could use this idea for some sort of wedding ‘save the date’ ? or at least wedding thank you cards. Love them – and it doesn’t hurt that your models are super cute either 🙂

    • photogmomma

      I’m a little partial to them… 😉 Thanks!!

      I think they could be used for a lot! Maybe put the hands together holding something up for a bag of goodies… Lots of ideas! Thanks!

  2. Nana

    Absolutely precious! Great idea that is a catalyst for ideas for other events!

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