Of vintage sheets and amazing roses

My friend, we’ll call her J since I don’t know if she wants to be mentioned here, asked me to make her some duvet covers. You see, she is obsessed with vintage sheets and wanted to turn some into new covers for her and her boys. Seeing my sewing machine, she must have assumed I knew what I was doing. Hah! But I took on the job anyway…..

Needless to say, the learning curve was a little steeper than anticipated. First, I cut off the very top of the sheet assuming that she didn’t want them to LOOK like sheets. Wrong!


Whacked those tops right off. Uh, oh. She almost cried when she noticed it!

So I went to work trying to figure out how to fix my grave mistake. Surprisingly, the answer came to me quite quickly. The doing the work took a bit longer than expected….


You can see how I attached them then sewed the top part back. I'm not quite as precise as I'd like to be!

After finishing, I realized that she was right! I liked the duvet cover MUCH more than I did when I’d chopped it off…. Besides, it added the few inches I needed to make sure that it was the right length.

Next was the zipper. I’d put a few in, but not this way. So I sort of kludged it together and was pretty happy with the result.


Not too bad for a second try, eh?

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the final result…. My personal favorite – the yellow and orange one! I considered telling her that I’d ruined it just so I could keep it… 😉


Which one is your favorite?

Oh, the roses…. So, on Valentines Day I got some amazing roses from my husband (I’ll post those later). But I also received some from my friend as a thank you for this and a few other things I’d done… She put me in tears. They are just spectacular!


Every day they fill my house with more gorgeous smells. I am still overwhelmed by her gesture!

Learn from my mistakes:

  • Measure, measure, measure!
  • Make sure you know what is wanted if it’s for someone else!
  • Measure
  • Enjoy! I had fun doing this!
  • Minor imperfections shouldn’t be obsessed over – they add to the home made feel of the final product if you’re not a professional! 🙂


All photos taken with my 5D Mk II and my 50mm and 100mm lenses. Predictable, aren’t I?



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2 responses to “Of vintage sheets and amazing roses

  1. Rosie

    Oh no Andie! Now you’ve gone and inspired me for another project (*distant groan from husband*)! I LOVE doing things like this! Thanks for sharing the idea and the tips!
    R x.

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