Come check out my new slouchy hat

I posted that I’d finished my Hot Cross Slouch Beret, but hadn’t had a chance to get photos. And then when I did, I just didn’t like them. So I did it again….

hat alone

I love this pattern. I've made two hats like this, but like this one the most.


I sewed two buttons together and then made a little flower embellishment for it. I tried it on the top, but like it better on the front. I could easily make several - or leave them off!

my hat

Here it is being worn by yours truly. Only not so slouchy. Big head and big hair prevent that! But I still like it - you?

Learn from my changes:

  • Instead of doing a chain for the starting row, I did a FSC (foundation single crochet). This gives it far more stretch!
  • I switched from a G hook on the brim to a size 7 hook for the rest of the hat to give it slightly more room. If you have a big head, this would be advisable! If not, you could easily keep it the same.
  • Add embellishments to change the look. There are so many different ones out there. (I made a starfish for my husband’s aunt since she loves the ocean!)
  • On the SC rows, you could easily add a second color to make the X’s stand out more. I loved how that look turned out on my other hat, even though I don’t love the colors in it.

If you decide to do it, please post a link!


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6 responses to “Come check out my new slouchy hat

  1. carol L.

    I like it sooooo much that I want one! In black! With a bigger flower! When are you going to make them and sell them??? ♥

    • photogmomma

      Hmmm, you’ve been asking for a while. Maybe I’ll make you buy the yarn and send it out and I’ll work out a good price for you!

      • Carol

        I will happily buy the yarn… plus anything else you want! What kind of yarn should I look for? I like fuzzy stuff… is there a certain blend or weight that I’m looking for? Is there anything in particular you have been looking for but can’t find? I really need to TALK to you… it’s been too long. ♥

  2. Love it! Have been waiting for pictures of the finished product!

  3. Carol

    Oh – and for the record – if I could have my way I’d just come out and visit you… deliver the yarn myself! I had a job interview a few weeks ago (and went to a job fair today). As soon as I get a job I’ll have the money to visit! If you’ll still have me, that is. I know I’ve pretty much disappeared… 😦

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