My failed attempt at escaping the snow temporarily

This week is Winter Break for the kids. So we decided to head out of town and visit Nana, Papa, Grandma Judy and Grampa Tom. After packing up the car and trying to get on the road, we finally headed out of CB about 1.5 hours later than planned. This turned into a 2 hour delay when getting food in Gunnison proved to be a little slower than planned.


Snow in Gunnison

But finally, we were leaving and on our way to the Springs!

Until I got pulled over for not having a front license plate. (It got torn off and swept away when we crossed Slate River when it was higher than usual.) No problem, we were just getting a warning. *whew*

The state trooper headed back to the car 15 minutes later with two pieces of paper – and no drivers license. Turns out he had on record that I had failed to pay a ticket last year and needed to keep it. (Long story short, it was a clerical error. I need to head back to Gunnison in a few days to get a new one – when they open back up.)

So to let the girls out of the car after a 2 hour trip to nowhere, we stopped at the park in Gunni. In spite of the light snow cover on the ground, they had a blast until a potty break was needed. (No bathrooms were open there because it’s winter.)


Winter in the park







All in all, a well needed break from the 4’+ in our front yard! Not quite the plans, but we still had fun anyway. Next time we have a school break, I’m hoping we can break from from the snow for at least a few days!



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2 responses to “My failed attempt at escaping the snow temporarily

  1. Nana

    Hee, hee….the first pic makes me think you are in snow Jail looking out (without a license, that is)!

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