I think I have a serious project problem

These are just three of the projects I’m working on right now. They are the ones taking up my attention while I dream of doing other projects….


After starting this bag (my own pattern), I decided I'm giving it away when I get it finished.... But I'm not revealing the recipient yet.

secret project

Bottom of the bag - it's done in the round and is great for watching TV. And another secret project in the background.

The first two are, obviously, gifts. But no hints as to what the turquoise project is for…. If I give any, it’ll give it away so you’ll have to wait until I’ve sent it off. I’m hoping to finish the bag today – it was a VERY quick project – but the other one will take a while since it’ll be much larger. Both are easy to crochet while watching TV and don’t need a lot of focus, but are lots of fun to work on.


My MIL's scarf....

And my MIL’s scarf… Not sure if you can tell, but I tore out most of the extended single crochet. All but about 4 or 5 rows. I just thought it was too thick and heavy after getting about 4″ done, even though I loved the texture. So I reworked it in an extended half double crochet and while you can’t see it from this photo, it’s much airier and once blocked, should open nicely. I felt that it was lighter and fitted better with the lacy ends. This project requires a little more concentration for me – poking into the previous row needs more focus than the previous two projects. I’m really loving it, but want to be a little further! Frogging does tend to slow things down, though….

But I’m always considering my next projects. Even while I’m enjoying my current ones. So far, I’ve not made anything that needed major shaping or fitting. I’ve wanted to tackle a sweater, top or some socks for a long time. I also have a shawl I want to work on. I *think* I know which socks, but still have yet to finalize the top. But I think my decision will be made when I get the next issue of Interweave Crochet…. So far I’m in love with the cover sweater!

I have to say that it’s a good thing that Crested Butte doesn’t have any yarn shops or I might be in VERY big trouble….


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