I have a challenge for you!

Too many people take photos of their families and forget to include one person in the photos – themselves. Since they are the one who took charge of the camera, they often neglect to make sure they’re part of the group.

My challenge to you is to start thinking about how you can be part of the photo – or encouraging the photographer in your family to do this.

self portrait

It can definitely be out of the ordinary... And no one else even has to be in it!

For inspiration, you can see my self portrait a day for a year project. Or just use some of the ideas below:

  • Be in a reflection. It doesn’t have to be this obvious – it could be the reflection in a cars chrome or in the window of a store. Sunglasses. You get the idea!
  • Be a shadow. Instead of making sure the sun is to the side, make sure it’s behind you. Use that sun to your advantage to get yourself in the photo. You can do this with ANY light source. Just make sure you’re not blocking the light of someone else!
  • Be a body part. Okay, maybe it should be “include a body part”. If you’re holding hands, include your hand. If you’re sitting, put your feet in the photo.
  • Be a full body. Most cameras have a self timer! Make use of it….

Where do you use this photo of yourself? In your Facebook page, part of a slideshow for the family. On your personal web site. I could go on, but….

There are so many other ideas. If you do this, please, post a link to it! I’d love to see what you do.


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One response to “I have a challenge for you!

  1. thedramamama

    I’m a believer!

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