Third time is a charm – I hope!

This is the third time I’ve tried to crochet socks. The first time I got from the top all the way to the middle of the foot, but the pattern was hard to follow and I wasn’t counting well. It ended up being WAY too tight through the foot. So I frogged it and made a bag with the yarn.

Then I tried again. Only it was impossible to get my hook in – my gauge was insanely tight. Bleh.

Then I ran across a post in which someone else talked about the same trials and tribulations that I had run into. Basically, she loosened up her tension and VOILA! it started working.

So I started on the socks with that in mind. And then yesterday ran across ANOTHER sock post that has stuck with me…. Karen Ratto-Whooley, author of I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting Socks! is having a book blog tour and LindaMade (another blog I subscribe to) had her on…. And the tips were super helpful! Only, I had already started with the yarn – doing a fancy pattern with variegated yarn tends to mess up the pattern some – it disappears. But oh, well.

Overall, though, I’m thrilled with how they’re turning out! They are so much looser and feel like they’ll be comfy to wear. If only I could dedicate HOURS to crocheting them!  The pattern I’m using is in the Interweave Accessories magazine. So far, I’m really enjoying this pattern. It looks FAR more complicated than it is. I’ve found it quite simple compared to my first attempt!

socks far

I'm actually several rows past this! I find the pattern deceptively simple and perfect for dragging along with me.



This yarn is from Koigu and I really enjoy crocheting with it. And the random bits of color crack me up and make me smile! The semi-lacy pattern gets a little lost with the painted effect of the yarn, but I'm still liking how it's turning out.

I got this yarn in Denver at Colorful Yarns. They were quite nice, but not so knowledgeable about crochet. I think that’s where I got my favorite square hook from Kollage, though! I simply must get more of them….


Here’s a quick sneak peek at the bag I finished. Got more yarn! Yay! I’ll show it off after I give it as a give in a week or two.


All done with a cute little flower! More later...



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2 responses to “Third time is a charm – I hope!

  1. I just love the colors of your sock! Gorgeous!

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