Oh me, oh my – sock problems

So I was crocheting along, loving my new socks that I’m making when it dawned on me – would I have enough to finish? Uh. No. Okay, let’s find more of this yarn. Called the store I got it at – no response after several days. Search online – only I forgot the number of the color. So I *think* I’ve found more, but they are all hand done so I’m going to have to cross my fingers when I order it. Just waiting for a little more dinero to come in…..

No big deal. Let’s just keep on crocheting. Heel was looking GREAT!


Check out that heel! Rounding out, stitches (mostly) match up.... Wooohoooo!

And the sock was looking gorgeous….

Look at the pattern! You can see it SO much better than I expected!

I got the heel done. Started on the rest of the sock and decided it was time to test it out!


It was too tight across the heel and bendy part of my foot.

Not quite sure why. I’m going to frog the heel and redo it thinking it might just be that I did the heel to tight on tension. Or maybe my foot is too fat. (It’s true, it’s not a skinny foot by any accounts. But it’s not really fat, either.) And no, I don’t have photos. No reason. I just haven’t gotten any. I’ll get some before/after pictures.

But lest this be a sad, depressing “whoa is me, my sock isn’t turning out well” post (you have to admit, that’s just a tragedy in this world), here is a RAVE!

I ran across a rave – before I started blogging – about these little stitch markers. I’ve tried several others, but haven’t been happy so I had been resorting to little bits of yarn. But when I saw that these were perfect for crochet (knitting ones are too tough to get off – or you can’t get them off at all!), I went ahead and bought some. I LOVE them! They are from Clover, look like little safety pins and slide right in and out. I can’t tell you how much I recommend them if you crochet!

clover stitch markers

Their colors aren't that great, but they show up against my fabric very well so I think it's actually a plus!


And look at this handy dandy trick - wind up your yarn and catch it! (I had to cut it off since I didn't have any more - needed to do the heel.)

In love with those stitch markers? If your LYS doesn’t carry them, I found them on Amazon. Looks like they also have jumbo ones, too….



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2 responses to “Oh me, oh my – sock problems

  1. preita

    I have never seen a more beautiful crocheted sock! Love the color of the yarn! Too bad you have to rip back šŸ˜¦

    • photogmomma

      Aww, thank you so much! I just love this pattern. I think once I get the heel figured out, I’ll be making several of them! Thanks… šŸ™‚

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