Fire on the mountain

One thing I think is just so amazing about living here in Crested Butte is the unusual things I see around just about every day. Sometimes it’s a dude walking down the street with two parrots on his shoulders. Or the locals riding bikes with their skis strapped to the back during a beautiful snowfall. Maybe it’s the pack of townie bikes riding around town stopping traffic at random times during the year – with most dressed in one of the many costumes they keep in a bin at home.

These things crack me up, astound me and just make me smile. The mountains around here are no exception. A few weeks ago, I was driving home from Gunnison (the major town of 5,000 people, the smallest Walmart west of the Mississippi and the “big” grocery store) and the sunset was incredible! (Okay, not as incredible as the one a few weeks before, but still.) The wind was whipping around up high and as it blew the snow off the tips of the peaks, they would light up like fire. Absolutely stunning.

fire on the mountain

fire on the mountain



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