Looking in random places for inspiration

This is going to sound very odd, but I have trouble with picking gorgeous colors. Oh, sure. I can find a single color and it’ll be gorgeous. But ask me to add another color to it when crocheting or whatever? Uh, it’s sort of hit or miss. It’ll never be far off, but it probably won’t be a color combo you’d run out and brag about.

And I’ve read so many people talk about how nature inspires them to find their color palettes. I thought that was a cheesy cop out.

Until this week.

Several days ago, I saw a photo I had taken years ago of the aspens. Only instead of all being yellow, there were some oranges and greens involved, too. And all I could think was, “Wow! Those colors would be amazing together when crocheting something!” I’d tried to put those colors together before, but the ones I saw on the screen were a little different – and were stunning together.

The first thing I looked at for inspiration? The tulips I’d gotten to brighten up the house.


Now, I'm not a huge pastel fan, but look at how amazing the yellow and pink go with that darker green and a little white? Wouldn't that make a cute little crochet flower motif?


Now look at the same flower backlit. The colors are different, have a different feel to them. Wow!

tulips on the table

Now check out the same tulips that I've played around with in Lightroom. The colors are more muted and ruddy, but adding in the red? I love this!

I think I’ll know what to do now to find inspiration for colors – just look around me outside! Well, maybe night RIGHT outside unless I like white and brown – snow and dirt. Although those two would look lovely together, wouldn’t they?

What inspires you for color? Have you looked to nature or do you just have an eye for it?


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One response to “Looking in random places for inspiration

  1. thedramamama

    Actually i always said that if it works in nature it works elsewhere, but i often find inspiration in food – for example if a family were doing a session and wanted to know how they could match without all looking the same i’d say use Sherbert colors (raspberry, lime, orange) or Neopolitan Ice Cream (ivory, brown & pink) – you could say this to the most color challenged person and they would get it.
    Did i ever tell you i used to own a scrapbook store? Well i used to love to put colors together and with all that paper i could play around with combinations for hours. (i still sit right down on the floor when i go to buy paper and think about the possibilities)
    I can find inspiration starting with the cereal box in the morning till the sunset at night!

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