Meditative Monday: I love me some farm fresh eggs


I love those spots!

When I started buying local and organic foods, I was startled to see how different everything looked. You got big onions and small, potatoes in all sorts of weird shapes, tomatoes with small spots on them that needed to be cut off…. It sort of freaked me out.

But now that it’s been many years, I celebrate these differences. They tell me that these vegetables, meats, cheeses, etc. all come from the source. Whether they come from someone local or someone further away, they aren’t picked over to find the perfect “image” of an egg or a turnip. They are what they are. For me, eggs are the most fun. I love the spots, the random blue or green egg. The way too tiny one and the one that scares me thinking of the poor chicken laying that gigantic thing. And when I open a box of eggs that are all exactly the same, I find it a bit disturbing now. Where are the weird grooves on the egg? Why isn’t there an oddly shaped pointy one?


You can't tell in this photo, but one of them is a very light green. So fun.

I love local, farm fresh eggs for so much more that just the flavor!



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One response to “Meditative Monday: I love me some farm fresh eggs

  1. thedramamama

    Makes you wonder what they go thru to get the perfect look that we see in the grocery store! YIKES!

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