Yummy yarn goodness has arrived!

I finally got a little bit of money from some photography that I did a few months back and decided to buy a little yarn for myself. It’s funny, I find that I’m constantly misjudging things. Yarn amounts needed, the colors and whether or not I like them, yarn amounts… So I decided to pick a project and buy the proper amount of yarn for it….

pretty orange

Ain't it pretty? It's a bit more muted in real life, more coral than orange. Just lovely to touch and look at!

But when it got here, I read the tag. Looks like EVERY skein is made separately so they are all slightly different! It’s so hard to see in these photos, though. They actually are just slightly different! LOL! So either I have to figure out how to do every other row in each color – or something like that – or I have to use them for a different project…. Once I decide, though, I’ll share.

pretty yarn

It's SUCH gorgeous yarn, though! I am SURE I'll find a wonderful use for it!

But I had to toss in a few more to play around with. My favorite? That green in the front! It’s so FUN! It’s sort of shimmery – so unlike me to love that. The other two are nice, but just don’t pop compared to the front one…. Once I have projects lined up, I’ll share with you all the different information!

more yarn

I can't wait to make something with that green! I liked it so much, I bought two more balls in two other colors to play with. So Springy and fun!



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3 responses to “Yummy yarn goodness has arrived!

  1. Very pretty. Man that green really pops out at ya. πŸ˜‰

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