It’s been an unwinding, reusing kind of week

I’ve tried on several occasions to unwind a sweater or some other knitted garment so that I can reuse the yarn… Only every time I did, I ended up with tiny pieces (think 2-10″ max) of a mess of yarn. *sigh* I’m just not worthy of those who actually knot their yarn back together and make something useful from it!

But not one to be daunted since I’d heard so many stories of others who had done it, I went in search again…. I glanced through all my sweaters – none were about to be decommissioned. Then I happened to look up in my closet and saw a poncho I’d bought on a whim. While I thought it was fun, I ended up just stuffing it high onto the shelves since it wasn’t my style. But it was time. Yes, time to pull it apart!


I'd already started when I realized a picture was a must!


I relished playing around with all those fun yarns! Novelty, mohair, cotton, fuzzy, shiny, stringy. So interesting!


Yarns, yarns and more yarns to play with! There were only 3 I couldn't undo. Too knotted and fuzzy.


Several of them were ones I had wanted to play around with, but didn’t want to purchase entire balls of until I figured out if I liked them.


Look at all those fun yarns to play with!


So pull it apart I did! And with far more success than before. Yay! I ended up with so many little balls to play around with that I practically squealed with joy! If only I knew what to do with them!


Yarns, yarns and more yarns!


And then the tickle in the back of my brain started. There was a flower patter, unlike most I’d seen. Simple, fun and adorable. And bonus…. it was Japanese. For some reason, the thought of crocheting flower after flower thinking about all that the Japanese are going through now with the tsunami felt good – almost like little thoughts and bits of energy going to them with each little stitch. Maybe, along with a monetary donation, that little bit would do some good on some level.

I wracked my brain and finally realized I’d seen the pattern on By Elizabeth Cat and I was off and running.


These little flowers are SO addictive!

so many

So many color combinations to choose from!


This little pattern is SO easy to do, takes so little time to whip up and is so much more fun than any other flower I’ve made before. Of the thousands five or six I’ve done, that is. Heh. While I have no clue what I’m going to do with them when I’m done, I know I’ll find something fun for them. It’s so chilly and snowy still, maybe I’ll just hang them from my girls’ ceiling. Or possible I’ll tack them to their wall. Or make a little shawl or scarf, if there’s enough. Give them away to people as a reminder of what the Japanese are enduring. I am not sure. (Any thoughts?)

My favorite discovery? This mohair – real or not – is so pretty a light! You can see it used a lot more on By Elizabeth Cat’s site here…. And make sure you poke around on there. Her colors are spectacular and is actually what prompted me to order the batch of yarn that should be here in a few days!


Isn't it pretty and softy and light?

So, what about you? Have you pulled something apart and repurposed it? I’d love to see a link if you’re blogging!! I need inspiration…



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11 responses to “It’s been an unwinding, reusing kind of week

  1. Popped over from WIP….love all the yarn you ended up with after taking apart your sweater. I’ve never done that. Cute flowers too, will be interesting to see you end up doing with it.

  2. How inspiring! I love the flowers, thanks for the tip!

    • photogmomma

      Thanks so much! These flowers rock to crochet up… And I’ve come up with a smaller one based on these I’ll share soon, too!

  3. Love the post and the photos to go with your story are awesome.

  4. super cute. That looks like fun.

  5. The only things I’ve pulled apart are projects I’ve started crocheting and forgotten about. I’ve bought sweaters at the thrift store with repurposing in mind, but never got around to doing it. I know there’s a certain type of sweater you’re supposed to look for so that it comes out in larger pieces and not small bits of yarn, something about the seams. I’m sure if you did a search you could find it.

    Your flowers are very pretty!

  6. Your Japanese Flowers are so pretty. I’ve seen them made into shawls and scarves mostly. I’ve made some too but haven’t done anything with them. They are just pretty to look at…Ooooo…Shiny!! lol

    • photogmomma

      Thanks so much!!

      Hmmm, just thought of another idea – maybe making a bag and lining it with fabric. That might be cute!

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