Whoever thought to do ski/snowboard jumping in downtown CB was brilliant!

And just a little bit crazy…. I mean, my gosh! You cart in tons of snow – literally. Then you create a jump with a huge pocket in the middle. And liberally sprinkle people all around watching it. Brilliant and scary all at the same time!

The Big Air Competition is held every year right around Spring Break (for others, not for us – we get SB in April after the mountain closes) and people go crazy to see it! How many towns do something this crazy?


The gap they had to jump was about 30' across!

catching air

Catching some big air for sure!

not enough air

Not quite catching enough air! The only thing injured was his pride.

run up

Looking down the way just as someone else is about to bit it! LOL!


The next guy waiting his turn

If you’re ever in Crested Butte in March, you definitely have to hit this amazing event!


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