Meditative Monday: Patience and understanding


Bumpy roads

The last few weeks have been interesting here in CB. We had what some people call “the perfect storm” of snow conditions. Normally in February, they start “peeling” the snow back to get to the roads. And they just keep on going until the roads have all been revealed. But this year, we kept getting snow. Which is wonderful – until it takes them away from peeling. And then it starts to get warm and you get this. A slushy mess that freezes at night and turns into rivers during the day.

Since it’s been Spring Break for many people and they’ve chosen Crested Butte as their destination, we’ve had a LOT of tourists in town. And a LOT of stuck tourists! Luckily, the people here in CB like to lend a helping hand (and many of the Spring Breakers like to pass out money like it’s candy in thanks – which is totally unnecessary) and most of the tourists got unstuck pretty quickly.

But when you have conditions like this, you definitely need a lot of patience and understanding. You make different choices (whoops, not that road!) and you pitch in to help out when you see people in need. It’s the kind of situation that can go either way – irritation and frustration or kindness and understanding. For myself, I was leaning toward the former when a few people gently helped me look at it in a different light. It’s amazing how a different perspective can change your entire outlook.

Definitely something to learn from our street situation.


Luckily, most of the streets are cleared now. *whew*


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One response to “Meditative Monday: Patience and understanding

  1. thedramamama

    Andi sounds like another form of “pay it forward” – also love the photo – did you HDR it? (is that the right term?)

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