Do you sometimes worry that something has become an obsession?

Maybe crochet has for me…

I made this little toy for my nephew who loves to hold onto oranges, lens caps and anything else he can chew on and squeeze. I thought the little loops would be fun to play with and gnaw on and the handle would be easy to grab…. not sure if he likes it, but it was fun to make!


This is about the size of a cutie - you know, those little oranges...


I just did a chain 9 in the middle of my SC and then SC the space together on the next row. Nothing magical - easy and fun to do!


The handles is just a chain with SC around it for thickness. Just long enough for a little hand to grab, not too long to do anything bad.


This is another shot of the loops. I sort of wish I'd put a little jingle bell in it, but thought if he liked it in bed, it might wake him up. It might be fun to string some big and strong beads on there if you can make sure they won't become a hazard.

On a side note, my daughter hurt her wrist and my other daughter has a tummy bug so if I’m absent for a day or two, that’s why… I promise to be back with more!


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