Well, Ellie has broken another bone!

Yup. For those of you that are new, Ellie broke her femur 2 years ago when she was hit by a snowboard. (Actually, he’s a wonderful guy! Totally silly mistake and everyone is fine now.)

Yesterday we were visiting my sis-in-law, her hubby and new little boy as well as their friends that are in town visiting. Ellie and Sammie decided to head upstairs. About 5 minutes later there’s a thump (not that shocking) and Sammie is yelling, “Ellie is hurt! Ellie is hurt!”

I rush up to find her in the middle of the bedroom floor holding her wrist.

After taking her to our chiropractor since it didn’t immediately seem broken, she agreed, set a small bone that was out of place and Ellie and I headed home. I wrapped up her wrist and ended up pulling her into my bed. Only she was very uncomfortable all night.

So this morning it was off to the orthopedic doctor. And sure enough, it’s a small buckle fracture – not broken through, it’s almost like it’s bent instead of broken. Very common and heals VERY quickly, thank goodness!

Monday we go in for a new cast… But in the meantime, she’s VERY proud and in GREAT spirits and will tell you all about it several times. “See, I was standing on an exercise ball in the shower stall and I fell and hit my hand on the bench!”

Obviously, this activity wasn’t mother approved. 😉


So proud! I think she loves the attention. (And yes, she's right handed.)



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2 responses to “Well, Ellie has broken another bone!

  1. preita

    The last paragraph made me laugh so hard! Seriously, I want to know what led her to stand on an exersize ball in the shower?! 🙂

  2. Maureen Poirier

    Big hug and kiss to our little angel!


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