It’s pretty AND it gets the job done!


My cute new headband with my little modified Japanese Flower

I’d been trying to make Ella’s Headband by Robin Chachula, but I found that I needed too much concentration. It’s not hard, but I wanted something I could watch TV and do at the same time. So I frogged it and remember this easy-peasy pattern. It’s a double crochet, 2 chains and another double crochet. That’s it. So simple to make! I’ll try to write up the pattern if you’re interested….

sc together

Can you see how I did 3 SC in the spaces at the ends to bring them together? I rather like the look and wonder if something fun could be done with it in the future!

So I made it the length I needed for my giant noggin and then used 3 SC in each space to close it up. (I’d considered just stitching, but I realized I would have a double thick row anyway and most of the time it’ll be covered by hair so why worry!)


This is basically the first row of a Japanese flower, then the last two rows skipping a DC for the 2nd row before doing the 3rd. Super fast and I really like the look!


But it needed a little extra something. So I used my modified Japanese Flower to spruce it up. Kinda cute, eh? I’m hoping to do that pattern, too. (Sick kiddo keeps me from doing too much today.)

sick kiddo

My super sick kiddo (really, can't you tell? LOL!) modeling the hairband! (Yes, she has a giant noggin, too.)

As I’m typing this, I’m thinking that next time I’ll crochet the LONG way and do it in the round! (Doh!) That way I won’t end up with the seam in the back. LOL. And it’ll be easier to adjust the width later on.

What do you think?


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