I’m almost back to the land of the living

It’s been rough in our household the last almost 2 weeks. We got hit with a pretty nasty virus and didn’t even get out until 2 days ago. The girls are MUCH better and I’m on the road to recovery. My hubby avoided it by going to Holland instead. Wise choice!

Anyway, I’ve done some crocheting, but frankly felt too crummy much of the time. I am 99% done with my MIL’s scarf. I just have 3 rows of figuring to do. Definitely need to concentrate while finishing. The hat is still tumbling around in my brain for now.


I also finished and blocked my first shawl. Gorgeous! Makes me excited to block the scarf – what a difference! So fun.

My daughter also got her cast off. Yay! Hot springs, here we come!


I’m hoping to be back for real on Monday. Fingers crossed for a continued recovery!


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