A little Easter fun

We kept a pretty low key Easter this year. Since we basically just celebrate being together and a little Easter Bunny fun, it makes more sense to keep it pretty small. So we decorated some eggs and had fun with that.

pretty eggs

I just love how bright the colors are! I know they are probably bad for us, but it's one of our few "bad" indulgences.

And then I stayed up way too late crocheting little bags for my girls. I put some yummy M&M like all natural chocolates in them. Gosh, I just LOVE the colors in these chocolates! So rich and beautiful. (Oh, and yummy!)

pretty pretty


The little bags were funny. This bag is Sammie’s – it took me about 3 times longer than I expected! I kept playing around while making it. “Hmm, it’ll be an egg shape. No…. not that, maybe a little pouch, but still egg shaped. Not big enough, let’s increase. And put in some shells. Shoot, now I need to decrease. How should I make the handle?” Seriously, I think it took me about 4 hours of solid crocheting! Ellie’s, on the other hand, is basically round-ish and took me less than 90 minutes.


This is Tahki yarn and I really enjoyed working with it! The colors are gorgeous and it's easy to use!

The fun part of the pouches was the cord. I’d recently seen Knitting Daily that showed how to make a cord like this. Super easy and I just LOVE the way it turned out! You can be sure that I’ll be using this technique more in the future!


Isn't this a pretty, professional looking cord?


I just split the cord and tied it on! Easier than a crochet cord and I love the little tassels!

I hope your Easter was filled with love, joy and fun!


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One response to “A little Easter fun

  1. Maureen Poirier

    Those are awesome and super Easter colors! Reminds me of making “things” (bunnies, carrots….) and just a bit of candy for my kiddies! Those are the things the girls will remember! Well done….


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