Just a non-knitter trying to become a little bit of a knitter

I think the thing about knitting I like the most is the idea of making socks. And frankly, this blogger gets me psyched to try it every time she posts! Many of the challenges she’s faced have been similar to mine. And look at those socks? Aren’t they gorgeous? And no, my socks that I started are no further than they were last time I posted. Frankly, I’m afraid to go back to that heel and pull it out. Eek!

But in the meantime, I’m trying to become more comfortable with knitting. So I pulled out some big needles (I have my grandmother’s old set – very cool!) and two yarns to work together and whipped out (yes! Quickly, too!) this headband. I don’t really love it, but I’m really pleased with my knitting on it. I made some cables you can barely see because of the colors, but the cables actually worked well. And once I put the crochet edging on it, I felt it looked MUCH nicer.


Not the prettiest headband ever.... But it's growing on me!


I love how the purple edging brings it together for me. Yay crochet!

Next step? Felting it. I’ve had issues felting. I recently learned that you need to have LOOSE stitches! Did not know this! So I thought this might be a good candidate… And here is how it turned out:


My thoughts? It's definitely tightened up! But the stitch definition is still there. Maybe it's just the colors in the yarn? I like it. But it didn't felt as much as expected - and I washed it in hot for an hour! Any hints are welcome!

Felting at 9000′ is, I think, quite different from felting at sea level. I think I might have to make some swatches of something that is known to felt well (I have no clue what the thoughts are on these yarns) and see how well it goes….

Next on the needles: a little baby hat. I also ordered some double pointed needles… We’ll see how that goes!

Oh! And when my daughter decides NOT to wear it, I’ll take a picture of the headband I made for her using Tunisian knit stitch. Can you tell that I’m antsy to try new, small projects?



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5 responses to “Just a non-knitter trying to become a little bit of a knitter

  1. thedramamama

    Knitting or Crocheting it all looks the same to me, but what i love is just how delish the yarn looks up close in your photos! I am more a photographer of knitting and crocheting! I also love the look of felting! Go to a 2nd hand store and grab a wool sweater, cut out some flower shapes and practice with that.

  2. I’m also always amused when people can’t tell the difference between knitting and crochet. I have a friend who blogged recently about crochet in high fashion and posted two photos of old women knitting as illustration. *sigh*

    Don’t fear the knitted heel! If I can figure it out ANYONE can.

    • photogmomma

      Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll admit that I’m a little nervous, but I’m starting to get excited about my dpn’s that are about to arrive. (Where is UPS, anyway?) Oh! Do you have any suggestions for a simple sock pattern to start with? I’d love any suggestions you have! Thanks!

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