Meditative Monday: Yay!



I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the inauguration 2+ years ago and shot this photo during the ceremony. I thought it made sense for today. To paraphrase something I heard late last night, I won’t celebrate death, but I am glad this is over.



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2 responses to “Meditative Monday: Yay!

  1. thedramamama

    great photo – i always wish i could some how connect with some of the strangers whose photos i have taken if for no other reason than to share the image. It also makes me wonder and worry – who has photos of me out there, YIKES!
    Love your thought for the day though, i too wont be running into the street waving my arms in joy and i know this is only one piece of a very f’ed up puzzle of terrorism, but i can say i feel a glimmer of hope and if that brings a smile to my face, so be it.

  2. photogmomma

    I know… I took SO many photos that I really loved and think it would be amazing to get in touch with the people in them…. I wonder how many I am in, too…

    And I think you said it well – f’ed up puzzle indeed.

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