And here’s my GOOD sock in the works!

I admit that I’ve actually finished this sock, but my model isn’t hope from school so pictures will have to wait.

But I LOVE it! The fit is wonderful and the yarn is gorgeous! Sammie is complaining that it’s slightly scratchy, but she seems to be super sensitive to that stuff. But after wearing it for a little while this morning, she claims that she needs another one now! I’ll take that as a good thing….

almost done

I think I was about 3/4" from starting the decreases here.... Frankly, I was floored at how well this sock turned out!


Isn't that a good looking heel?


And the magical gusset.... I admit that I messed around and that the two sides are actually different. LOL! Whoops! (One was SSK and the other K2 together and they shoulda been the same.)

Is it wrong to be this pleased with myself?

I ordered yarn that should be here by Friday so I can start on sock #2… I have enough left of this skein to do something small with, but I’m hesitant to do anything – I don’t want to get 90% done and find out I need another skein! And I’m waiting on the new yarn just in case the dye lots are slightly different – that way if they’re on 2 different feet, it won’t be as big of a deal.

Have you been knitting socks? Do you enjoy them this much? I like how relatively quick they are, still challenging and very useful! Wonderful qualities!!



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2 responses to “And here’s my GOOD sock in the works!

  1. thedramamama

    Love the color – but i can’t help but cringe – seeing those pointy needles sticking out everywhere – could be a dangerous craft for a clutzy gal such as myself.

  2. Maureen Poirier

    ….so do you have a “good” foot and other foot for the sox?

    Beautiful job! I think your crocheting would be proud of your knitting!


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