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Reclaiming, knitting and crocheting – a little bit of everything!

But honestly, I’ve mainly been purging. I admit it – I like to save things.

“These cute little scraps of paper would be so cute in a project!”

Said 4 years ago. At least.


“I love this shirt!”

Not worn in 2.5 years because it’s a titch to small.


“Maybe I’ll use this purse again!”

Nope. 5 years later, it needs to GO!


So I’ve done some playing in the evenings, but mainly I’ve been focused on cleaning things out. And WOW, has it been cathartic!

What have I done in the last 2 weeks? Well, I found a cute scarf that was hardly worn because it was too scratchy and I unraveled it!

rolling it up

Here is the first of 4 balls of yarn! I really LOVE green and LOVE this color!


Soaking the yarn


I believe cast iron is the professional way to do this...

I also finished Ellie’s sock. And decided that maybe I would make a second sock for Sammie!


Can you see that the two pink socks are different colors? They were different dye lots. At least they're socks and not mittens! Or a scarf! Yikes!

And I started on a teacher gift….


Yup! Crochet! It's chains connected with SC. Simple except for needing to focus on counting between each SC.

scarf 2

I'm still not convinced this will work. But I'll wait until I block to make the final determination! Only 8 or 10 more rows to go!

I actually did have a fingerless mitten I was making from the pink sock yarn on some slightly larger needles, but I got such bad laddering between the needles that I pulled it out. Now I need to figure out why. I suspect that it’s because I’m knitting too tight. I pull tight between the needles, but I continue on knitting too tight. I’ll play around! Or I’ll just rib. LOL!



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There are good socks and bad socks and I’m getting to know both

First, the bad socks…. crocheted. Okay, so I’ve only made one. And I LOVED the pattern. But the yarn was *meh* at best. And it was NOT stretchy at all… Sammie’s assessment after putting them on – “They itch and they don’t stretch and they are too big.” *sigh*


They are super cute, aren't they? This is the same pattern I was using for my other (now frogged) sock.

But I think it’s just the nature of the best – crochet is just not very stretchy compared to knitting. And that’s what has got me VERY intrigued with knitting!

In the last 3 weeks, I’ve gone from knitting poorly to knitting okay using the American way. To knitting poorly trying to make my wrist feel better using the Continental method. To actually knitting pretty well for a beginner!

So I decided that tackling a sock was going to work! I pulled out the #2 needles and just about fainted. But went on…. Then I stitched up a little sample in the pretty pink yarn I wanted to make a sock with and measured it out – perfect! And I fell in LOVE with the resulting fabric and went to town on the socks!

knit sock

Okay, went to town is an exaggeration. It took me at LEAST 5 days to get to this spot! Yikes! I was worried that it would take a month to finish!


There are definitely some problems in the fabric that I don't understand! With crochet, I can tell what is up. With knitting, I have no clue! (I'd love an feedback on what this hole is caused by. Twisting?)

I even had my first needle catastrophe.


Bamboo is very breakable. Luckily I only need 4 and I had 5.

And when I got frustrated at how FREAKIN’ long it was taking me to knit up that sock, I pulled out some #7 needles and some worsted weight (or heavier? Not sure.) yarn and whipped these out in about 5 days. (They could be done in a day if I had more knitting time. They were surprisingly easy, despite several learning curve issues.)


I'm SUPER happy with how these turned out! The first one had a few minor issues - didn't bind the thumb properly, as you can see, and a hold where the thumb/hand met, which I fixed in the second one. They are actually both done now!


I found a wonderful super stretchy bindoff and actually really like how it looks, too! (LIke my manicure - my 6 year old did it!)

The gloves are a little large for me and I have big hands…. But I have the perfect person to give them to!

Back to the socks…. I can’t believe how much FUN I’m having knitting a sock! I’m actually about 80% done! And I’ve been bad about taking photos, but the heel is turned and the gusset is done and the sock is ADORABLE and I can’t WAIT to do another one!! Yay!


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