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Absolutely delectable!

I started following Tinks and Frogs blog not too long ago – I stumbled across it maybe 6 weeks ago – and have really enjoyed watching her spin and show off her work. Oh, and her adorable little girl! (Although, I’m quite jealous of how much her daughter gets to snuggle with her hand spun yarns….)

About 2 weeks ago, she had a giveaway when asking for some advice on her patterns and I posted my thoughts. And I won! I was quite excited to get my free hand spun yarn, but wasn’t actually expecting much. I mean, I was in love with the color, but didn’t know what to expect in terms of softness and feel.

WOW! I was BLOWN AWAY when I opened my package with its sweet little note! It is not only spectacular in color (the loveliest dark gold that is almost magical), but the softness – oh my!  (My daughters have both decided that I need to make a stuffed animal that the whole family can share and snuggle with.) It is just delicious! And how perfectly it’s spun? Just WOW is all I have to say about that!!

So I got a shot of it. And I added the ability for you to feel how soft it is – really. Just touch your screen!



Seriously, though, if she ever decides to sell her yarn, I’ll be the first in line to buy lots and lots! (Or maybe she does and I’m just missing a link – I’ll update if I am.) And then I’ll fill up my tub and soak in it. That deliciously soft – I swear!

I’m still in a quandary as to what to make, but I’m leaning toward a cowl. It’s chilly here in the winter and a soft, squishy cowl in this would be so stunning…. But how gorgeous would it be? Don’t worry, I’ll post a photo when I work something up! (Hmmm, can I do both knitting in crochet for a cowl? I’ll have to figure that one out!)

Thanks again, Rue! You do such lovely spinning!


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Just some yarn

I’m really tired today so just a picture of some yarn.


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Yummy yarn goodness has arrived!

I finally got a little bit of money from some photography that I did a few months back and decided to buy a little yarn for myself. It’s funny, I find that I’m constantly misjudging things. Yarn amounts needed, the colors and whether or not I like them, yarn amounts… So I decided to pick a project and buy the proper amount of yarn for it….

pretty orange

Ain't it pretty? It's a bit more muted in real life, more coral than orange. Just lovely to touch and look at!

But when it got here, I read the tag. Looks like EVERY skein is made separately so they are all slightly different! It’s so hard to see in these photos, though. They actually are just slightly different! LOL! So either I have to figure out how to do every other row in each color – or something like that – or I have to use them for a different project…. Once I decide, though, I’ll share.

pretty yarn

It's SUCH gorgeous yarn, though! I am SURE I'll find a wonderful use for it!

But I had to toss in a few more to play around with. My favorite? That green in the front! It’s so FUN! It’s sort of shimmery – so unlike me to love that. The other two are nice, but just don’t pop compared to the front one…. Once I have projects lined up, I’ll share with you all the different information!

more yarn

I can't wait to make something with that green! I liked it so much, I bought two more balls in two other colors to play with. So Springy and fun!


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