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“Hey, mommy, you forgot to take a picture of me wearing my sock!”

“Oh, Sammie! I’m sorry! Let’s do that now.”

I took way too many pictures – she was so excited. I love that! And I should get the next ball of yarn today. Yay!


Cute, eh? And this color is much closer than the other posts... I need to work on that a little more - you would think a professional photographer would be better at making the color look right!

the heel

That heel is so cool!

kitchener stitch

Someone needs to learn how to do the kitchener stitch better....


Cutie in her sock

Okay! Enough of the sock, already! I swear that when I do the next one, you won’t get this many photos. But honestly, there were parts of the sock I couldn’t see that well and would have appreciated seeing a done sock to understand what was happening….

On to the next sock – just one shot, I swear!


This is the sock for Ellie. it's also Aslan Trends in the Ocean Worlds colorway. So pretty! I think I'll add a little crochet edging to see what happens.

And finally, a little mini project that is my first fitted shaped garment! Granted, it’s for an 18″ doll, but I think it’ll be a good one to try out… You can see several mistakes in it and since it’s for a doll, I don’t care. I increased wrong on the 5th row and there is some weird issue in the middle right of the garment. I think I may have done a decrease there to make up for a row I missed a decrease in. They both show me that if I make a mistake like those, I need to rip and redo it as they would drive me crazy in a real garment!


This cute little sleeveless hoodie is from Creative Knitting - Child's Play and I love it!

A note on the yarn color… I bought a bunch of yarn for a project that I ended up abandoning. And I’m NOT a big fan of this color and am trying to figure out what to do with it! Neither of my girls like it so much… It’s not a bad color, I’m just not excited about it… But I love the yarn itself! It’s Cascade and it’s SO freakin’ soft! I love the feel of it and would like to buy more in colors I would enjoy more!



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It seems Ariel needed new earrings….

Poor Ariel. She isn’t very careful with her earrings. So Sammie and I set out making another set for her – one with a little more bling!

You see, Ellie and Sammie both got these FABULOUS 18″ Ariel dolls from their Aunt Ginger for Christmas. Not only have we made them skirts, pants and shirts, we’ve also made nighties and jackets! I can’t tell you how MUCH they love their dolls!

Oh, remember how I told you I hadn’t met a hobby I didn’t like? Well, jewelry making was one I used to do. Nothing fancy, just some beading a little wire bending. Hence all the tools. But you can do this yourself. See the bottom for instructions!


Put the bed on the headpin then bend around to make a loop. Wrap around the stem for a stronger hold.


First you need some 16 gauge wire, a pretty bead, a head pin and something to twist the wire.


Then you need a small child to help you assemble it.

show off

Then she needs to show off her work.


Ariel wearing her new bling - modeling it with some help from Sammie

What you’ll really need to do:

  • Get some 16 gauge wire – nickle from someplace like Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby or someplace similar is fine! (Check to make sure it fits in your dolls earring hole – should be similar for American Girl dolls, too.)
  • Get some head pins – they are thinner wire (maybe 24 gauge?) with a little end on it to keep the bead on.
  • Some pretty beads are a must
  • Something to bend the wire and some wire cutters
  • Cut the thicker wire to about 1/2″
  • Bend to a ring, as seen in the first shot on the left
  • Bend slightly to line center of loop with the straight wire as seen in the middle in the first shot
  • Bend the loop so it opens
  • Put the bead on the head pin
  • Bend around to make a loop
  • Put the bead on the headpin on the hooked thicker wire
  • Clamp the hooked wire closed
  • If desired, bend the loop on the thick wire down to be flat to the ear when being worn as seen in the last shot
  • I also *slightly* bend the thick wire to stay in the ear better, while still being easy to insert

I’d love to hear how this works for you if you make some earrings!


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