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Meditative Monday: Yay!



I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the inauguration 2+ years ago and shot this photo during the ceremony. I thought it made sense for today. To paraphrase something I heard late last night, I won’t celebrate death, but I am glad this is over.



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Meditative Monday: Releasing expectation


life without expectations

I went skate skiing on Saturday with a plan in mind. I’d do The Maze, maybe hit Middle Earth and then see how I felt and head back home. Only the snow was sucky during part of it, I felt crappy and the area I wanted to ski wasn’t groomed. The part that was had a much higher difficulty rating than I was interested in. I ran into overly grooved runs from the warm weather, rotting snow and hills I could barely negotiate. (I’m not an uber-fit person like many in Crested Butte!)

But as I sat at the bottom of the hill, just having fallen and breathing way too hard, I realized I had a choice. I could allow my expectations to get in the way. I could turn around, go back to my bike mired in the mud and call it quits for the day. Or I could forge onward, testing my endurance, enjoying the beauty and get some much needed exercise. And I could accept everything that was tossed in my way as part of the journey.

I chose the latter.

I have been struggling with wanting things to be a certain way. And while I’ve heard that wanting can cause suffering, I often discount it as silly. But it’s times like this – times that it’s easy to adjust the way I feel about a situation – that make me realize that it’s true. Sure, maybe there is a preference involved, but when it’s that instead of a WANT, it becomes easier to adjust to obstacles.

In the end, in spite of having so many (minor) obstacles in my way, I ended up having a fantastic ski. Much of it was because I was able to let go of my wanting. And because it’s gorgeous here.

I wonder how many times I’m going to have to learn this lesson before I can let go of wanting?

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Meditative Monday: Patience and understanding


Bumpy roads

The last few weeks have been interesting here in CB. We had what some people call “the perfect storm” of snow conditions. Normally in February, they start “peeling” the snow back to get to the roads. And they just keep on going until the roads have all been revealed. But this year, we kept getting snow. Which is wonderful – until it takes them away from peeling. And then it starts to get warm and you get this. A slushy mess that freezes at night and turns into rivers during the day.

Since it’s been Spring Break for many people and they’ve chosen Crested Butte as their destination, we’ve had a LOT of tourists in town. And a LOT of stuck tourists! Luckily, the people here in CB like to lend a helping hand (and many of the Spring Breakers like to pass out money like it’s candy in thanks – which is totally unnecessary) and most of the tourists got unstuck pretty quickly.

But when you have conditions like this, you definitely need a lot of patience and understanding. You make different choices (whoops, not that road!) and you pitch in to help out when you see people in need. It’s the kind of situation that can go either way – irritation and frustration or kindness and understanding. For myself, I was leaning toward the former when a few people gently helped me look at it in a different light. It’s amazing how a different perspective can change your entire outlook.

Definitely something to learn from our street situation.


Luckily, most of the streets are cleared now. *whew*

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Meditative Monday: I love me some farm fresh eggs


I love those spots!

When I started buying local and organic foods, I was startled to see how different everything looked. You got big onions and small, potatoes in all sorts of weird shapes, tomatoes with small spots on them that needed to be cut off…. It sort of freaked me out.

But now that it’s been many years, I celebrate these differences. They tell me that these vegetables, meats, cheeses, etc. all come from the source. Whether they come from someone local or someone further away, they aren’t picked over to find the perfect “image” of an egg or a turnip. They are what they are. For me, eggs are the most fun. I love the spots, the random blue or green egg. The way too tiny one and the one that scares me thinking of the poor chicken laying that gigantic thing. And when I open a box of eggs that are all exactly the same, I find it a bit disturbing now. Where are the weird grooves on the egg? Why isn’t there an oddly shaped pointy one?


You can't tell in this photo, but one of them is a very light green. So fun.

I love local, farm fresh eggs for so much more that just the flavor!


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Meditative Monday: Gratuitous Kid Photo

Breakfast for dinner

Breakfast for dinner

Yesterday was my birthday (yes, I’m 29. Again.) and my girls made me breakfast for dinner. Ellie’s specialty – scrambled eggs. Sammie’s delightful creation – cookie toast (recipe: butter, honey and sprinkles of all colors). I have to say, it was one of the best breakfasts for dinners I’ve ever had!

These times of caring and love make my heart sing! This was definitely one of my best birthday weekends ever….

amber necklace

The amber necklace I got from my family. *love* (I'm wearing the earrings....)

What to meditate on from this? Appreciating all the little – and big – things in your life. Sure it’s cliche, but true. What are you thankful for today?

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Meditative Monday: Fuzzy Fools Gold

icy cold
icy cold

Sometimes you think you know what’s going on. But when you look closer, you realize there is more to it than you expected. When I shot this photo with my macro lens, it wasn’t until I edited it that I realized how many little fuzzies were all over this chunk of pyrite. Sometimes it pays to look closer to make sure you see what’s really going on before jumping to conclusions.

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Save Red Lady

save red lady

save red lady

To learn more about Crested Butte’s fight to Save Red Lady and keep it from being mined, please see HCCA’s website.

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Meditative Monday

green love

green love

Today is Valentines Day…. Hope yours is a happy one filled with love!

One person to remember on Valentines Day – yourself! So remember to make sure you do a little something just for you. You know you’ll appreciate it!


I read a blog by Zan McQuade and she does something called Sunday Zen. I just love the idea and the photos! I’m not sure I’ll do this every Monday or if I’ll even call it this, but I like the idea of playing around with it to find something that speaks to me. Besides, I hate stealing others’ ideas… I love coming up with my own.

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