Just a non-knitter trying to become a little bit of a knitter

I think the thing about knitting I like the most is the idea of making socks. And frankly, this blogger gets me psyched to try it every time she posts! Many of the challenges she’s faced have been similar to mine. And look at those socks? Aren’t they gorgeous? And no, my socks that I started are no further than they were last time I posted. Frankly, I’m afraid to go back to that heel and pull it out. Eek!

But in the meantime, I’m trying to become more comfortable with knitting. So I pulled out some big needles (I have my grandmother’s old set – very cool!) and two yarns to work together and whipped out (yes! Quickly, too!) this headband. I don’t really love it, but I’m really pleased with my knitting on it. I made some cables you can barely see because of the colors, but the cables actually worked well. And once I put the crochet edging on it, I felt it looked MUCH nicer.


Not the prettiest headband ever.... But it's growing on me!


I love how the purple edging brings it together for me. Yay crochet!

Next step? Felting it. I’ve had issues felting. I recently learned that you need to have LOOSE stitches! Did not know this! So I thought this might be a good candidate… And here is how it turned out:


My thoughts? It's definitely tightened up! But the stitch definition is still there. Maybe it's just the colors in the yarn? I like it. But it didn't felt as much as expected - and I washed it in hot for an hour! Any hints are welcome!

Felting at 9000′ is, I think, quite different from felting at sea level. I think I might have to make some swatches of something that is known to felt well (I have no clue what the thoughts are on these yarns) and see how well it goes….

Next on the needles: a little baby hat. I also ordered some double pointed needles… We’ll see how that goes!

Oh! And when my daughter decides NOT to wear it, I’ll take a picture of the headband I made for her using Tunisian knit stitch. Can you tell that I’m antsy to try new, small projects?



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A little Easter fun

We kept a pretty low key Easter this year. Since we basically just celebrate being together and a little Easter Bunny fun, it makes more sense to keep it pretty small. So we decorated some eggs and had fun with that.

pretty eggs

I just love how bright the colors are! I know they are probably bad for us, but it's one of our few "bad" indulgences.

And then I stayed up way too late crocheting little bags for my girls. I put some yummy M&M like all natural chocolates in them. Gosh, I just LOVE the colors in these chocolates! So rich and beautiful. (Oh, and yummy!)

pretty pretty


The little bags were funny. This bag is Sammie’s – it took me about 3 times longer than I expected! I kept playing around while making it. “Hmm, it’ll be an egg shape. No…. not that, maybe a little pouch, but still egg shaped. Not big enough, let’s increase. And put in some shells. Shoot, now I need to decrease. How should I make the handle?” Seriously, I think it took me about 4 hours of solid crocheting! Ellie’s, on the other hand, is basically round-ish and took me less than 90 minutes.


This is Tahki yarn and I really enjoyed working with it! The colors are gorgeous and it's easy to use!

The fun part of the pouches was the cord. I’d recently seen Knitting Daily that showed how to make a cord like this. Super easy and I just LOVE the way it turned out! You can be sure that I’ll be using this technique more in the future!


Isn't this a pretty, professional looking cord?


I just split the cord and tied it on! Easier than a crochet cord and I love the little tassels!

I hope your Easter was filled with love, joy and fun!

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I’m BAAACK! (I think….)

Wow! This has been a tough few weeks! I was planning on posting on Monday, but the catch-up that I had required that I ignore the blog again. Yikes! My intention is to post every day again, but it may take a bit for me to ramp up to that…

In the meantime, here’s what I’m up to crochet-wise: 99.9% done with my MIL scarf – just need to sew it together, made several cute head bands, finished my shawl, making a different headband for Ellie and 60% done with some socks for Sammie. Oh, and working on a hat for my friend who gave us a TON of hand-me-downs.

Since I don’t have pictures of everything yet, I’ll draw it all out into several posts….

First, the shawl. This’ll be drawn out into two posts, too. Man, I LOVE this shawl! I loved making it, blocking it rocked, I love wearing it and I love the yarn!


This is it before it was blocked. You can see how tight it is. Still very pretty.


Before blocking, I was disappointed that it was so small. And I wasn't sure if it would work well for me. (I'm TALL!)


See how much it opened! I swear it grew by two times!! I liked it before blocking, but fell in love after blocking. Magical!

Bummer. One of my photos won’t come through…

Anyway, I’ll have to get back to you on a photo of me wearing the shawl. I love that it’s so thin and will wrap it into a scarf and toss it around my neck. I actually do this more than I wear it as a shawl. And it’s warm! (We’re still getting snow here!) But I can tell that this summer, it’s going to be way to warm so I might have to figure out which cotton to use with this or a similar pattern….

Remember that little green headband I made? Well, I went to a bit of a family reunion for my folks before they went to Alaska and got a few requests for others!


My little niece, Vera, sporting her new head band.... She wasn't too thrilled with me taking photos, but I managed one! Heh. (She loved it when I photographed them last time!)


My sis-in-law, Colette, requested one, too, and I was shocked at how quickly the third one worked up! Less than 30 minutes for sure! I did it in the round and it was even faster than the original way of doing it.

Ahh, it feels good to post again! Now I need to get crackin’ and take some more photos, finish sewing and block the scarf (today?! I hope so!) and get some shots of me wearing my shawl. Which probably means I need to take a shower. Gosh, such a full day! 😉

How are your projects going? Did you even notice I was gone? LOL!


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I’m almost back to the land of the living

It’s been rough in our household the last almost 2 weeks. We got hit with a pretty nasty virus and didn’t even get out until 2 days ago. The girls are MUCH better and I’m on the road to recovery. My hubby avoided it by going to Holland instead. Wise choice!

Anyway, I’ve done some crocheting, but frankly felt too crummy much of the time. I am 99% done with my MIL’s scarf. I just have 3 rows of figuring to do. Definitely need to concentrate while finishing. The hat is still tumbling around in my brain for now.


I also finished and blocked my first shawl. Gorgeous! Makes me excited to block the scarf – what a difference! So fun.

My daughter also got her cast off. Yay! Hot springs, here we come!


I’m hoping to be back for real on Monday. Fingers crossed for a continued recovery!

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It’s a movie watching, nose blowing, crocheting kind of day

The girls and I are sick. Bleh. But I’m taking advantage of feeling awake enough to crochet.



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Under this lump is a sick child

And until she’s feeling better, I won’t be posting. Uncomfortable, sad child means tired momma.


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Weekend Rewind: Strung Up

strung up

strung up

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Weekend Rewind: Open



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Just some yarn

I’m really tired today so just a picture of some yarn.


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It’s pretty AND it gets the job done!


My cute new headband with my little modified Japanese Flower

I’d been trying to make Ella’s Headband by Robin Chachula, but I found that I needed too much concentration. It’s not hard, but I wanted something I could watch TV and do at the same time. So I frogged it and remember this easy-peasy pattern. It’s a double crochet, 2 chains and another double crochet. That’s it. So simple to make! I’ll try to write up the pattern if you’re interested….

sc together

Can you see how I did 3 SC in the spaces at the ends to bring them together? I rather like the look and wonder if something fun could be done with it in the future!

So I made it the length I needed for my giant noggin and then used 3 SC in each space to close it up. (I’d considered just stitching, but I realized I would have a double thick row anyway and most of the time it’ll be covered by hair so why worry!)


This is basically the first row of a Japanese flower, then the last two rows skipping a DC for the 2nd row before doing the 3rd. Super fast and I really like the look!


But it needed a little extra something. So I used my modified Japanese Flower to spruce it up. Kinda cute, eh? I’m hoping to do that pattern, too. (Sick kiddo keeps me from doing too much today.)

sick kiddo

My super sick kiddo (really, can't you tell? LOL!) modeling the hairband! (Yes, she has a giant noggin, too.)

As I’m typing this, I’m thinking that next time I’ll crochet the LONG way and do it in the round! (Doh!) That way I won’t end up with the seam in the back. LOL. And it’ll be easier to adjust the width later on.

What do you think?

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